At last the exciting day arrived.

Launch site was at Bayview Park in Canada Bay (western Sydney Harbour) about an hour’s drive from home.20030215_03 20030215_11 20030215_14 20030215_18 20030215_23 20030215_37

After waiting about an hour while rigging, the patient crowd finally got to celebrate the launch in the traditional way. Well almost traditional, pouring a little champagne over the bowsprit was preferable to breaking the bottle. Nobody wants cut feet, and I didn’t want a dented boat!


All aboard for a maiden voyage.

20030215_42 It looks like all those maidens should have sat further forward. (I added a bag of concrete in the bows after this voyage.)

20030215_45 20030215_48  A solo run, with the wind picking up. Adrenaline building.


Time for lunch.



Forgot about the tide!

20030215_50 Lunch was a bit longer than expected, but all in all a very enjoyable day!

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  1. C says:

    Rookie mistake, but anyone could have made it!

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